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Disk space problem

PostPosted: 18. May 2012 06:29
by tut

I've installed Xampp on my VPS 3 months ago, VPS disk space is 10 GB, but now free disk space is less than 3 GB.
I have only few html pages on my server, why this happen?

I guess Xampp statics reports maybe eat my disk space, if i am correct, guide me to remove all of them..
Would be great if i can make it to never generate again..


Re: Disk space problem

PostPosted: 18. May 2012 14:35
by JonB
I seriously doubt that the log files have eaten 6+ GB of space -- but you never know. More likely your server has been hacked and someone is using it for a bot farm, or worse - storing 'warez' or something worse. This is why we tell people NOT to put XAMPP/LAMMP into production on the internet -- its not secure enough without a lot of hardening.

As for logfiles, the only log likely to EVER get really huge is the Apache access log or the CGI log.

Apache has only limited built in ability to limit logfiles. You can pipe them to the NULL device, but that is not a good idea either - you can't debug.

log rotation is a Unix/Linux 'feature' that can take different forms - it really has nothing to do with XAMPP/LAMPP or Apache - its a 'system' feature

If you have a managed VPS you may find these features in your Control Panel as well. You will just need to point to the correct log locations/names

Good Luck



Re: Disk space problem

PostPosted: 18. May 2012 16:47
by tut
i'm speechless when you say, XAMPP is hackable :|
anyway i cant see any other files on my server..

BTW i need some tips to protect xampp
i sent you a PM

Re: Disk space problem

PostPosted: 18. May 2012 17:05
by JonB
We don't answer questions via PM, because no one else learns or can contribute that way

"I have deleted all files of htdocs folder, (i knw this is maybe bullshit)
and i put my site files to "htdocs" folder, now i cant login to xampp control panel. just need only to host my files. ( i dont need sql too)

am i protected now?'

There is no way to sum up how to secure a Linux server, as I have no idea how it was set up in the first place. XAMPP is not intended for production use and they tell you that in the FAQ. How exactly did you try to harden LAMPP?

Well did you find what files were taking up all your disk space? What were they and where were they located?

Besides - It does not have to be XAMPP that could be hacked anyway, how about SSH or FTP? Weak or hacked passwords for instance, particularly on 'root' or 'lampp'

Do you have a Control Panel? If so, you should look in there...

Otherwise you should look at the access log, and see what methods are in use.

Good Luck