Importing FileZilla-SSH-Key-Import waits for XML-Files

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Importing FileZilla-SSH-Key-Import waits for XML-Files

Postby unleash » 04. March 2012 18:50

hello dear buddies

after a harddisk crash i have to restore all the stuff

- pgp things for enigmail
- openSSH-things for the SFTP-protocol - that filezilla uses to connect servers

and so on and so forth

my problem: i have messed up the crypted files with the passphrases and things like that.
well i have no glue where i find the necessary files that are needed for FileZilla

i tried several files -

- backring
- securering and a bunch of others

but i guess that they are private and public keys for the pgp- (enigmail).
when i try to import such files, the protocoll in Filezilla says _ no appropiate file - you need a file with a OpenSSH-formate

I did the following: i run a search with grep to find such files on the machine ?

What happened i found out files that begin with this phrase


But what makes me wonder is the fact that the FileZilla waits for XML-files. So i am completely lost - i have no files like that...
what is wrong here!? What do i have to do now!?

look forward to hear from you


i found out them by using the powerful grep command [note this is very very powerful] Well i runned this one here
grep -R 'BEGIN .* PRIVATE KEY' /*

i found out several files. Algorithm might differ though.
Well - so far so good. .- But - i am lost. I do not have a xml-file - but the fileZilla- does wait on a xml-file!? What can i do here!?
help me plz plz...
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Re: Importing FileZilla-SSH-Key-Import waits for XML-Files

Postby JonB » 06. March 2012 03:59

Ummm - you only get filezilla .XML files if you use the Export option (I guess that would have been before things went boom)

I'll look on my LAMPP box at work tomorrow to see what format the Linux Filezilla client uses for its configuration.

Good Luck
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