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Postby Ikonn » 29. February 2012 21:51

I found file /opt/lampp/bin/suexec... (While looking for setuid files in my system.....)
Could you tell me plese, how does it work [which things must be done to run it succesfully, which args does it accept, what is it good for(where and how do you use it)] etc.?

I am sorry for using bugmenot account, but I think, it's bad to require registration on such site (I know, propably it's against spam....)
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Re: /opt/lampp/bin/suexec

Postby JonB » 01. March 2012 01:46


A few things -

A. XAMPP/LAMPP is not a LAMP stack. Linux has no idea whatever (other than knowing the properties of the objects in the filesystem) what's going on, consequently many things you might expect to work, won't; for a variety of reasons. LAMPP is a bash script, which you would be well advised to open in an appropriate editor and take a good look at. Its pretty well documented.

B. XAMPP/LAMPP is intended to be used 'as is', in a development environment. Its Open Source, so no one can prevent you from using it improperly. My job as a 'volunteer' here is to help folks get XAMPP/LAMPP working -- 'as is'.

C. There's a developer fileset that add the parts/files etc. need for compiling, recompiling, etc; but there is no support for that -- you are on your own.

Good Luck
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Re: /opt/lampp/bin/suexec

Postby Ikonn » 01. March 2012 09:13

Ok, thanks....
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