XAMPP not starting Ubuntu

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XAMPP not starting Ubuntu

Postby aksieman » 12. February 2012 08:54

Good day.
Im new to Ubuntu.

I have been using Xampp on windows for years now with no problems, I want to move over to Ubuntu but are experiencing some problems with XAMPP.
HEre are my case:
1. I download and install Xampp.
2. I start the service all OK.
- But i noted that the htdocs folder has no owner (nobody) with drwxr-xr-x rights and I can not create folders in it.
3. I then restarted my system and try to start all the services again, but I get error saying "No such file or directory"

NB: In windows I will create a folder for all sites I'm developing does it work differnetly in linux?
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Re: XAMPP not starting Ubuntu

Postby JonB » 12. February 2012 09:20

OK - a few things that may shed some light

HTDOCS DOES HAVE AN OWNER: 'nobody' - which is a special user on Linux systems. And you are a different user on the system (whatever you logged in as). Therefore you don't have the rights to change what belongs to 'nobody'. Make sense??? Generally, only the superuser ('root') has sufficient privileges to modify objects that belong to other users. That is a simplification, but it will suffice for what we are dealing with.

You will need to use 'sudo' or 'su' to create folders to place in /opt/lampp/htdocs and then change the ownership to nobody:root with this command:

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chown -R nobody:root /opt/lampp/htdocs/foldername

BTW -- you MUST start lampp as 'root' (using either 'su' or 'sudo').

NB: The bottom line is probably that you will actually have to learn something about Linux before you tackle running a server.

Good Luck
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