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Re: How to Auto Start LAMPP

Postby Doug-W5DET » 25. August 2020 19:59

I remained generic in my post because I believe the topic is more general than this installation of Mint 19.3/Ubuntu 18.04 I use. Mint 20 behaves the same.

Moving on, there isn't a "/etc/rc.local" file in this installation. There are, however, folders named /etc/rc0.d thru /etc/rc6.d plus /etc/rcS.d, none of which contain rc.local. Likewise, there is no /etc/init.d/lampp script anywhere I looked on this computer.

I performed the edit described at the site I provided and it does exactly what I had to search for: Autostart XAMPP on system boot using Mint 19.3 (and/or Ubuntu. )

I have never even hinted I possess any Linux guru-ness. When I find an answer to a problem that has plagued me and Lord knows how many others, I share it without trying to be a snob about it. It's how we old guys roll.
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Re: How to Auto Start LAMPP

Postby Nobbie » 26. August 2020 11:59

Doug-W5DET wrote:Likewise, there is no /etc/init.d/lampp script anywhere I looked on this computer.

Of course not, you have to put a symbolic link from /opt/lampp/lampp to /etc/init.d/lampp. And finally create symbolic links from init.d to rcX.d (X from 0 to 6) to S99lampp (start) and/or K99lampp (stop). I have written a doc somewhere here, how to proceed in detail. That is how init.d is meant to work. But all of this is iinux knowledge, not Xampp knowledge. Bitnami surely CANNOT provide support for each and every distribution and how to run Xampp at boot time. Actually there is no need for it, as Xampp is designed to run as development environment, not a public server. Bitnami provides a uniq start script (lampp), which is ok and sufficient.

/etc/rc.local is a dirty solution by the way, which i do not recommend.
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