How to install PHP 5.2

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How to install PHP 5.2

Postby bimaljr » 24. January 2012 14:24


I am familiar with XAMPP on my Windows PC and it's working perfectly. I haven't install the XAMPP for Linux on my Ubuntu system but now I like to use it on my Ubuntu system.
I have some old websites which are still using old PHP v5.2. But the latest version includes PHP 5.3 so my old websites are not working.

So is there any way to install PHP 5.2 on latest XAMPP (on Linux version) so I can run my sites and can work?

(Please note that currently I am downloading XAMPP-Linux v1.7.1 which is with PHP 5.2 so I can run my old websites, but I like to use the latest XAMPP version.)

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Re: How to install PHP 5.2

Postby JonB » 24. January 2012 19:35

It is no different that with the Windows version of XAMPP - the Apache and PHP are co-compiles, so the PHP 5 version of XAMPP you use will be determined by what it was when that Version of XAMPP was compiled and distributed. There is one difference, in XAMPP for Linux (LAMPP) you can opt to run PHP 4. I have never used that option, but it is there.

IF you want to run a specific version of PHP with LAMPP, pick the XAMPP version that has the best match for you.

All that said, LAMPP is different than XAMPP for Windows in another way - it has not needed to evolve as much. This means all the version basically work exactly the same way. IN fact, I would say to the average user they would be indistinguishable.

There is one other thing to understand - LAMPP (XAMPP for Windows) is NOT a traditional LAMP stack, its a bash script that runs everything with CLI directives that 'run' the components. You won't be able to easily add/remove 'parts'. About all that is upgradeable is phpMyAdmin and Webalizer or ProFTPd. the core stuff "is what it is".

Good Luck
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Re: How to install PHP 5.2

Postby ingrid2012 » 04. March 2012 15:34

Now it's working . . .thanks! :D
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