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mod_auth_mysql problem

PostPosted: 07. January 2012 11:25
by ahad
I installed xampp.1.7.7.tar.gz in my linux fedora core 2 computer. Its working nice. But when i'm using .htaccess file and which required mod_auth_mysql module thats not workinh . Please let me know how can i install mod_auth_mysql in linux pc as i'm allready using xampp(LAMPP) 1.7.7.. The solution is very important for me as i'm not able retrieve my files in htdocs because lack of this modules.

Waiting for reply.

Re: mod_auth_mysql problem

PostPosted: 07. January 2012 18:51
by JonB
ahad -

mod_auth_mysql is a 3rd party add-on for Apache, so it is not included in Apache build for LAMPP/XAMPP.

three things -

1st LAMPP is not a standard 'LAMP' stack, so you may encounter problems you will not be able to resolve.

2nd. You will 'probably' need the developer package, it contains all the configuration files.

Development package 35 MB The development package contains all files you need if you want to compile other software packages for XAMPP by yourself and the Unix manual pages. Install this package like the normal XAMPP distribution:
tar xvfz xampp-linux-devel-1.7.7.tar.gz -C /opt
MD5 checksum: 594c61beac23868bd358bc0c31fbf1d7

3rd. You should read this page -

Good Luck