Can not Import MySql database

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Can not Import MySql database

Postby egan » 06. January 2012 05:10

I can't import my .sql db on MySql using phpmyadmin
i'm use XAMPP 1.7.7 on CenOS 6.2

get an error message
Code: Select all
/*!50003 CREATE*//*!50017 DEFINER=`user`@`%`*//*!50003 TRIGGER fsync_trupd_20_ppsiswahadir BEFORE UPDATE ON jbsakad.ppsiswahadir FOR EACH ROW BEGIN IF @DISABLE_TRIGER IS NULL THEN IF OLD.issync = 1 THEN SET NEW.issync = 0; SET NEW.ts = CURRENT_TIMESTAMP; END IF; IF OLD.issync = 0 AND NEW.issync = 0 THEN SET NEW.ts = CURRENT_TIMESTAMP; END IF; END IF; END */ ; ;

MySQL said: Documentation
#1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 'CREATE*/ /*!50017 DEFINER=`user`@`%`*/ /*!50003 TRIGGER fsync_trupd_20_ppsiswaha' at line 1
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Re: Can not Import MySql database

Postby Sharley » 06. January 2012 05:14

egan wrote:...CenOS 6.2
Please add this distro to your profile by following these instructions and related info:
Thanks. :)
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Re: Can not Import MySql database

Postby Altrea » 06. January 2012 06:17

Hi egan,

Is that your full SQL dump? If so, than it is incomplete.
At least the line for the Delimiter ;; is missing, because you use it there.

We can't say anything about that error or even reproduce it without the full .sql dump.
If you are using an open source script which uses this database, then the name of the script would also be very helpful.

best wishes,
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