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PostPosted: 19. December 2011 05:43
by phptwister

I need to make a cronjob for a module on my website to work.
How do I start? I'm completely new on this stage, have read some documentations but mostly the Windows versions.
Thanks in advance, Slish.

Re: Crontabs/cronjobs

PostPosted: 20. December 2011 17:22
by phptwister
I have read some articles and I think I am understanding it some what better now. However, my cron jobs are not working as it usually should. Here's my cronjab -e file:
*/30 * * * * wget /opt/lampp/htdocs/module/news/LoadDataFromFeed.php

This is to execute a PHP file on my lampp webserver every 30 minutes. Googled this issue but not one is experiencing this with PHP, rather CGI or .sh scripts.
Can anyone instruct me on points to check on? I've already checked if crontab is running.
Regards, Slish.