My website looks different on my domain.

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My website looks different on my domain.

Postby Edlecompte » 08. December 2011 17:29

I am thouroughly confused. I have a website hosted on my XAMPP server. I have a DynDNS name ( pointed to my server, and I have a test domain ( pointed with a CNAME to my DynDNS name. When I go to <a (my DynDNS name), everything looks fine, but when I go to (My domain name), it does not.

This makes no sense to me, seeing as both names point to the same file on the same folder on the same server. What is wrong?
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Re: My website looks different on my domain.

Postby ds7 » 08. December 2011 18:39

When I looked at both, at first there were some definite HTML differences, and corresponding display differences. After force-refreshing both pages the HTML was apparently identical and the display was accordingly alike.

It may be a browser cache issue, or there may be a proxy or cache somewhere in the route between client and server, maybe on one and not on the other. I'm not familiar with - maybe they are caching or proxying as well as providing DNS?

BTW, there is a stray quotation mark in the email address, and you should use a doctype tag, and modernize to 4-series HTML (use CSS instead of <font> tags, etc.).
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