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Install JVM on Xampp 1.7.3

PostPosted: 02. December 2011 23:22
by gdinari

I am trying to install a web chat software (123 Flash Chat) onto my local server. I need to install the java onto my xampp server.

I first tried running the software install and I get this message:

Unpacking JRE ...
Preparing JRE ... line 197: bin/unpack200: cannot execute binary file
Error unpacking jar files. The architecture or bitness (32/64)
of the bundled JVM might not match your machine.

After chatting with support from 123 Flash it was determined that I should install java (jvm) onto my machine/xampp server. When I try installing it I also get an error:

sudo ./jre-6u29-linux-x64.bin
./jre-6u29-linux-x64.bin: line 86: ./install.sfx.8856: cannot execute binary file
Failed to extract the files. Please refer to the Troubleshooting section of
the Installation Instructions on the download page for more information.

I followed the instructions as given at the java website (

Can someone help install jvm onto my xampp server? I'd appreciate the help thank you.


Re: Install JVM on Xampp 1.7.3

PostPosted: 03. December 2011 02:44
by JonB
LAMPP is a 32 bit implementation of Apache -