phpmyadmin issue please help

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phpmyadmin issue please help

Postby whatsvictory » 11. November 2011 05:09

installed about a month ago setup a couple databases and everything and went in today to setup a new one and all of a sudden its telling me i don't have user permissions to setup a new data base. i haven't made any changes anywhere but about a week ago i went in to export a data base but didn't notice anything wrong but i also wasn't in the section were you create databases either. if somebody can help me with this that would be great and i'm hoping its something as simple as copying a new file somewhere.

At the bottom of the page it says:
Connection for controluser as defined in your configuration failed.

So i'm not really sure what to do here please help. thanks
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Re: phpmyadmin issue please help

Postby Sharley » 11. November 2011 05:18

If your post content is in English then please use the English language forums.

Any help in this topic:
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Re: phpmyadmin issue please help

Postby JoeHam » 15. November 2011 20:43

That's odd, are you sure you didn't play with the permissions of your root directory?
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