xampp on external

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xampp on external

Postby bl4d3 x » 24. October 2011 16:17

This was simple on windows and worked

But can xampp for linux be installed on an external drive that will stay attached to the machine

my machine that has xampp installed on has a 30gb ssd drive and i have a spare 2tb drive sat here doing nothing so is there an option on when installing xampp 1.7.7 on linux as the install location ? or am i right in thinking it has to be on drive C

30gb is a lot of storage space but 2TB is better :D
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Re: xampp on external

Postby Altrea » 24. October 2011 16:57

bl4d3 x wrote:30gb is a lot of storage space but 2TB is better :D

Do you want to create another Filehoster? :shock:

bl4d3 x wrote:or am i right in thinking it has to be on drive C

Linux don't know Drive Letters like Windows. There is no C Drive.
But you are right, XAMPP has to be installed in one folder which is /opt.
For further reading for installation on Linux

But you are free to configure your Apache. You can set DocumentRoot or Virtual Hosts (each with it's own DocumentRoots) which can surely be saved on other drives or folders than /opt.

Another good resoource for reading is the XAMPP for Linux FAQ
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