For spec's; Proxyreverse or iptables inside LAN

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For spec's; Proxyreverse or iptables inside LAN

Postby knof » 06. October 2011 22:42

I have: 1. Linksys router (DHCP), and then on this router connected 2 servers with assigned IP's from router wich are: 1. and 2.

On 1'st one i run Ubuntu with Apache (LAMPP) on port 80 and citadel groupware server on port 2000. Everything works fine.
Now i have 2'nd server machine running on Ubuntu only with citadel groupware server on same port 2000.
I want to stop citadel server on 1'st server and forwarding or reverseproxy all requests wich inncomming to port 2000 on 1. server machine (local IP to 2. server machine (local IP on port 2000.

I'm wondering if it's possible to forward, iptables or reverseproxy this assigned local IP:port to another IP:port, with only one eth0 network card on 1. machine, from wich i want to forward and HOW?
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Re: For spec's; Proxyreverse or iptables inside LAN

Postby JonB » 07. October 2011 10:47

I am not being flippant (funny) but the right thing to do is to draw a set of diagrams to understand the requirements of the task.

That's how I solve all my complex or difficult network engineering tasks. I'd use block diagrams with 'outline' arrows you can write in (to say what the flow is doing).

You might surprise yourself and discover the answer!

I am reasonably sure what you want to do is possible. I think you should do some searching on this forum, and maybe XAMPP for Windows also, the challenge here is much like proxying tomcat.

Good Luck and don't give up on yourself...
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