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!!! Important - How To Post - You MUST READ first !!!

PostPosted: 23. September 2011 08:55
by Sharley

It is now a requirement that you provide the version number of XAMPP and your Operating System version.

Please try and be as detailed as possible about your issue.

Remember that those answering your request for help can't see what you see or know what you have done to arrive at your current state.

Please try and be helpful and polite.

Please use forum post tags like Quote and Code as they help reading and understanding of included code.
Click me for a good example

Use a screen capture images, where possible, to give troubleshooters a better chance at a solution, but please keep the image size no bigger than 800x600 - 600x400 is preferred - your cooperation in this matter will be greatly appreciated by those still crippled by low resolution screens.

Please do give feedback in the end how the problem was solved that it might help others searching the forums for a similar solution.

Please do post only one issue at a time in a single Topic again to help others searching for solutions in these forums.

Your cooperation in helping our members who volunteer their free time to help you and the forum run as smoothly as possible will be much appreciated.

All those who help out here are members just like you and so deserve some kind consideration.

Good luck with finding a solution.