Xampp-remote php pages

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Xampp-remote php pages

Postby bradsguaso » 30. August 2011 16:19

I have a Drupal site on Xampp installed (latest version) on Ubuntu Server 8.04. The problem is that when I access the site (some pages) from a client computer(not the server), the browser window opens me to download the page instead of opening it. I think it's because Xampp dont's recognize php pages are indexes, but I am not sure. Could anyone help me?
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Re: Xampp-remote php pages

Postby JonB » 30. August 2011 17:42

could be...

could also be 'Short Open Tags' issue, although I think the XAMPP/LAMPP defaults to

Well this is interesting - in XAMPP/LAMPP 1.74's default php.ini -- BOTH tag seetings are present:(about line 226-227)

Code: Select all
short_open_tag = Off
; XAMPP for Linux is currently old fashioned
short_open_tag = On

LOL - I'm running LAMPP on this Fedora box right now (easy to check)

Also - easy definitive answer -(try this from the remote machine)

IF you can access http://yourmachinesip/xammp
AND it opens onto the XAMPP Welcome Page or the XAMPP Spalsh - then the problem is most likely NOT that the server is misconfigured.

You may need to fix the 'xammp security concept' for that to work. The PHP settings are also in this file

Index types are set in the /opt/lampp/etc/httpd.conf

Good Luck

Extra points question - did you set up any vhosts???
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Postby bradsguaso » 31. August 2011 22:13

Ok, thank you so much JonB.
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