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I might be wrong, but I am trying to use aspell or pspell...

PostPosted: 09. March 2004 21:04
by Gollum
I am running the latest version of XAMPP for Linux, and wanted to try and validate user passwords by checking them against the aspell dictionary. I looked online at and found that I needed pspell and that I needed to compile PHP with "--with-pspell[=dir]" option. Looking into the XAMPP configure command, I see that pspell was not used.

1. Is this something that others may want/use as XAMPP is used more widely? If so can we get that option built in to the install?

2. Can this be done without actually needing that option?

Basically I am letting the users change their password on my site, but I want to verify that it does not exist as a dictionary word - thus the aspell.

Thanks in advance,