Nameservers for xampp?

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Nameservers for xampp?

Postby bloodyred » 02. July 2011 16:22

So I'm a bit of a noob here and I apologize in advance if this has been asked before.

So I just setup my xampp server and thing is running smooth and now I'm trying to figure out how to point my domain name to my server. I'm used to renting hosts and just adding the nameservers but you can't add just an ip for nameservers and it seems BIND is an overkill for something that should be easy.

I've looked around and I'm having a hard time finding my answer. What file do I edit and what to add to make a nmaeserver to point the domain to the xampp server or is there an easier way?

Edit: also the splash screen doesn't go anywhere when i click english. Isn't suppose to take me to the welcome page?
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Re: Nameservers for xampp?

Postby JonB » 04. July 2011 00:50

A. ONE question to a topic please/ It makes it hard for people who are using searches to locate answers.

B. Nameservers have nothing to do with XAMPP - they have to do with your domain and your registrar.

This topic has all the info: (It also has nothing to do with OS, unless you are going to decide to 'roll your own')


If anything's unclear just post another reply

Good Luck
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