Need to install perl module off line

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Need to install perl module off line

Postby yert » 22. June 2011 15:43

I am new to Linux (using debian), Perl, and Apache so bear with me please. I am creating a isolated web environment to manage some data projectors. The management protocol was implemented in a Perl module When I installed Debian I included Perl and Apache then after having issues I installed XAMPP. XAMPP is working fine and I have managed to run some test scripts (CGI). I had installed the the Net-PJLink module in the Debian Perl and it worked fine there but now that I am using XAMPP I need to install the module in the XAMPP Perl. Due to higher up IT security policy I am not being permitted to put my Linux Box in the Internet. How can I manually Install the Net-PJLink module to the XAMPP Perl. I have the Net-PJLink-1.01.tar file.
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Re: Need to install perl module off line

Postby JonB » 10. July 2011 14:50

you can manually add Perl Modules by extracting them, and then placing them in a 'good spot' such as /perl/lib
Just make sure its in the path.

Good Luck
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