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What is the default user name in proftpd

PostPosted: 07. March 2004 00:19
by tHatDudeUK
This may seem silly. I know the passworde but not the default user name.

If I installed XAMPP logged in as root do I need to be left logged in as root to access the ftp server?

Thanks in advace.


PostPosted: 09. March 2004 14:58
by Nick Taylor
I think it's nobody (not a joke though...)

PostPosted: 09. March 2004 15:01
by tHatDudeUK
Ah yes, lol. I have experienced some of the high security features of proftpd by putting in the wrong details a few times, lol.

Many thanx.

PostPosted: 09. March 2004 15:33
by [jeppa]newbe
how do i chage the defolt password for nobody ?

PostPosted: 09. March 2004 15:37
by tHatDudeUK
Hi, if you search through the site on the main pages there's a security script you can run which takes care of all the security concerns, including changing the password for proftpd.