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Location of libraries

Postby egbert » 30. May 2011 19:50

Why are not all the mysql related libraries in the /opt/lampp/lib/mysql directory? Some are in /opt/lampp/lib. To be able to compile a program that calls i.e. mysql_get_client_info() I have to add /opt/lampp/lib to ldconfig. Unfortnately that makes that gdm/gnome cannot start anymore. Way to many libraries are now searched in /opt/lampp/lib. I would say that ALL mysql related libs are in a mysql subdir. Then I can just add that subdir to ldconfig.
I run XAMPP 1.7.4 on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS. I have moved the libmysql* files to a new subdir mysql2 and added that to ldconfig. That seems to solve my problem but I am not sure the doesn't harm XAMPP. Tnx for any advise.
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