Is PDO extension installed by default?

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Is PDO extension installed by default?

Postby help5049 » 28. May 2011 19:37

Hi guys,

First of all, thanks you for taking a look to my problem!

I have to precise that i'm a total newbie in linux & Xampp, that may explain a lot about the problem!

Here is the thing: I'm working for a project on the Framework, more precisely I'm learning with a tutorial where XAMPP is required, and PDO is too.

So my question is: Is PDO extension available on XAMPP by default?

Indeed, the tutorial also gives a php files to check the apache config is correct, and when I run it, I've got:
* *
* symfony requirements check *
* *

php.ini used by PHP: /etc/php5/cli/php.ini

* The PHP CLI can use a different php.ini file
* than the one used with your web server.
* If this is the case, please launch this
* utility from your web server.

** Mandatory requirements **

OK PHP version is at least 5.2.4 (5.3.3-1ubuntu9.5)

** Optional checks **

OK PDO is installed
[[WARNING]] PDO has some drivers installed: : FAILED
*** Install PDO drivers (mandatory for Propel and Doctrine) ***
OK PHP-XML module is installed
[[WARNING]] XSL module is installed: FAILED
*** Install and enable the XSL module (recommended for Propel) ***
OK The token_get_all() function is available
OK The mb_strlen() function is available
OK The iconv() function is available
OK The utf8_decode() is available
OK The posix_isatty() is available
[[WARNING]] A PHP accelerator is installed: FAILED
*** Install a PHP accelerator like APC (highly recommended) ***
[[WARNING]] php.ini has short_open_tag set to off: FAILED
*** Set it to off in php.ini ***
OK php.ini has magic_quotes_gpc set to off
OK php.ini has register_globals set to off
OK php.ini has session.auto_start set to off
OK PHP version is not 5.2.9


So I wonder again if PDO is installed, and if not, how can i get this stuff installed!

Thank you for your answers!
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