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bandwithd limiter

PostPosted: 28. February 2004 12:44
by sitespider

Is it possible for me to install some kind of badwidth limiter on my lampp apache server .... I found a couple of apache mods but they were for the old apache and i wasn't sure how to install them any way.

So basically what i want kno is

Is there a bandwidth limiting mod for lammp?
if so how do i install it?



PostPosted: 25. March 2004 13:32
by sitespider

I dont mean to be a pain but can some one tell me how i do this as i would really like to install the bandwidth limiter mod but dont kno where to start or if it will even run on apache 2.


PostPosted: 25. March 2004 13:47
by Kristian Marcroft

try reading the Documentation of the mod?

So long