Help! I have deleted the phpmyadmin root user :'(

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Help! I have deleted the phpmyadmin root user :'(

Postby spirit986 » 24. April 2011 00:20

I have XAMPP on my local pc runnung ubuntu that i use it for testing purposes...

During the initial XAMPP Security configuration the password i put for the phpmyadmin was the same as my main Ubuntu password so i wanted to change into something different.. (I had to share phpmyadmin with others so i didn't wanted to reveal my Ubuntu password)

I changed the password but now i can't log into PHP my admin!
Somebody help me.. Is there any way i can reset the password or add another root user with all DB privileges?

Here is what I did (I am writing this only by remembrance cause now i can't access phpmyadmin :S ):
1. Clicked on the Privileges tab
2. Selected the root user
3. Changed the password
*4. After several unsuccessful attempts to change the root password i repeat the same steps above and additionally I checked the field that said something like: "Delete the user and create a new one with the new password"

And after that i was doomed :'(
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