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Changing httpd.conf corrupts XAMPP?

PostPosted: 05. April 2011 04:29
by opcd17
My system is Ubuntu 10.10 and I just downloaded XAMPP from the official site...

It installs and runs fine but when I make one single change to /opt/lampp/etc/httpd.conf and then restart I get this error:

Starting Apache with SSL (and PHP5)...
Error1! Couldn't start Apache!
Starting diagnose...
Sorry, I have no idea what's going wrong.
Please contact out forums...

I am making the change with sudo gedit /opt/lampp/etc/httpd.conf

and the change I am making is adding this line below Listen 80


As soon as I add that and restart, I have no XAMPP!

Any ideas on what I am doing wrong? I have to open that port otherwise when i try to run PHP fsockopen() I get an error....

Re: Changing httpd.conf corrupts XAMPP?

PostPosted: 05. April 2011 05:30
by opcd17
Okay so if I add Listen 20081 it doesn't crash, so 9051 is conflicting. This is the default Tor Control Port but also it is a MySQl listening port, right? So... conflict?

Re: Changing httpd.conf corrupts XAMPP?

PostPosted: 05. April 2011 05:56
by Sharley
If that port 9051 is already occupied then Apache can't start on that port.

So stop Tor listening on that port then start Apache, but will Tor then look for another port to listen on or can you configure Tor to listen on another port.

Apache can't share a port already in use and usually if you start Apache before the others that may use a port then Apache will not have issues and most if not all others will try and find another unused port, much like Skype does.

Is there a utility available for Linux that tells who is currently using which port like CurrPorts for Windows?
I would feel sure that there would be something similar for Linux that has a GUI and would be a must have utility for your network toolkit if you find one.

Search results - Netstat with a GUI.

Some netstat command line help:

Also here is a link to big list of all the ports and who is defaulted or assigned to use them:

Not much help to you now, but good luck and best wishes. :)

Re: Changing httpd.conf corrupts XAMPP?

PostPosted: 05. April 2011 18:05
by opcd17
Thanks.. starting Apache before Tor seems to work but I can also assign a different port to Tor...

Anyone here had any luck hooking Tor with PHP to switch identities on the fly? I found a class to do it but my Tor won't authenticate, it's frustrating and I need to control my IP for reasons :-)

Netstat should work on BSD.