How do I get started with my work?

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How do I get started with my work?

Postby SandySynaptik » 04. April 2011 09:38

I have just installed XAMPP for Linux and it just works fine, everything is good.
Well the problem is:
1. I can't create any .php file inside htdocs folder
2. When I try to link htdocs folder to my home (with following command):
mkdir ~/public_html
then after
sudo ln -s ~/public_html /opt/lampp/htdocs/$USER

and make a index.html file in "public_html" and try to access http://localhost/<myusername> then it says that 'access forbidden'.

So my question is how do i get started with xampp in Linux?

Additional Information:
When I'm in Windows I can create a folder inside htdocs folder and can view that folder going through http://localhost/<thefolder>/
Please help me I'm new to linux..
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