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tutorial's gone ?

PostPosted: 23. February 2004 15:52
by teghem
hi ,

Now that I have time to learn about LAMP, I decided to install XAMPP that found on the web a few months ago. Installation and tests were conclusive on first attempt ( fedora core on a PIII 600 ). I remember there was a nice tutorial , something that could help to get started with before looking for more specialised stuff.
Does anyone know why and where that tutorial is gone ?

Re: tutorial's gone ?

PostPosted: 23. February 2004 17:27
by teghem
ok, my mistake.

I've found what i was looking for on the default localhost page.
Anyway, feel free to mention some tutorial or documention url's you might have had a good experience with.

PostPosted: 23. February 2004 20:07
by MinJun
most of the best answers can be found in this forum :D
nearly all my questions were answered by reading this forum :wink: