XAMPP for Linux and Oracle

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XAMPP for Linux and Oracle

Postby trejder » 15. February 2011 15:50

Hi there,

Ever since now I've been successfully using XAMPP on Windows. I produced a PHP application which is working under Windows XAMPP like a dream. But right know I have to go forward and deploy this application under Linux, which terrifies me like a hell to be honest, because I'm a complete Linux newbie.

With a help from my friends I was able to install and configure XAMPP on Linux and patch most important security flaws. My application is designed to work with Oracle database only and being able to access Oracle DB from XAMPP is my current nightmare, as my application is displaying "could not find extension" / "could not find driver" error messages. It is using PDO (PHP Database Object) and therefore I'm guessing that XAMPP lacks Oracle driver for Linux.

I would appreciate any help here. Maybe someone can write a total Linux newbie like me a short list of step that should be undertaken right after fresh XAMPP for Linux installation?

Thanks in advance.
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Re: XAMPP for Linux and Oracle

Postby Paul Edward Lirasan » 14. June 2011 08:21

i got same problem... please help us
Paul Edward Lirasan
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Re: XAMPP for Linux and Oracle

Postby Nobbie » 14. June 2011 14:51

No, this forum is not the right place for Oracle.

You have to go the long way and must learn all that things from scratch. You should read the appropriate documentation from Oracle and/or go for Oracle forums to ask for support. This forum cannot help you how to install Oracle.
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