virtual host on a NTFS partition: obtaining write permission

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virtual host on a NTFS partition: obtaining write permission

Postby matteosistisette » 13. February 2011 18:46


I have an NTFS partition which is mounted as read-write belonging to user "teo", mounted at /media/DATA

I have setup a virtual host on Xampp whose www folder resides in a subfolder of the NTFS partition, i.e. /media/DATA/path/to/www

It works fine, but now I need to run some php scripts which have to write some files. I would normally chmod the directory where the scripts have to write files, so that the php scripts are allowed to write those files into those directories. The problem is that on an NTFS partition I cannot chmod anything.

Is there a way to give the server write persmissions on those folders (without giving 777 permissions on the whole partition when mounted, of course)?? Or do I have to move my virtual host to the main filesystem's partition?

Thanks in advance
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