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Test PHP confirmation

PostPosted: 05. February 2011 19:25
by ApacheOmega
ok i installed php and now I'm trying to test it and it says after I enter [http://localhost/testphp.php] the page should say Test PHP Page - instead it brings up a php info page that has PHP Version 5.3.3-1ubuntu9.3 and then a whole list of things like system - build date - server API, etc. is this the page that tells me my installation was successful?

Re: Test PHP confirmation

PostPosted: 08. February 2011 15:11
by ZumJ

If you're getting the phpinfo(); command output, which it sounds like you are, that at least tells you your server is running properly. If your server wasn't running, you'd get a page not found, or similar error page. You should be able to go to another pc on your network now, and get to the testpage like this:
Code: Select all
type into a browser

substituting your server's ip address with .

Have fun with the new install!