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restore MySQL for new lampp install

PostPosted: 25. January 2011 20:24
by metalball2
hey all,

i've reinstalled my OS and lampp and i'm trying to restore MySQL databases.

i've tried to copy the database folders from the old /opt/lampp/var/mysql to the new one,
but all i can see in phpmyadmin is empty dbs.

i've tried to add datadir=/opt/lampp/var/mysql/somedb to my.cnf
and MySQL failed to start, so i had to rollback.

what else is there to restore the dbs??


Re: restore MySQL for new lampp install

PostPosted: 29. January 2011 01:32
by JonB
did you back them up originally with either mysqldump or phpMyAdmin? (so that you now have either .sql or .sql.gz files)

(generally copying DB folders is a poor, poor idea and rarely works as database files are really containers.)

I guess a really good question also is 'what the h is in those MYSQL files'??? LOL. are they 'roll your own' or from scripts etc???

Good luck