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Vhosts & mysql

PostPosted: 13. February 2004 00:56
by xclusive
I'm having a problem with the mysql aspect.

I have multiple sites running on the xampp installation. They are functioning, but will not access mysql.

The main site will access mysql correctly, but the other two will not. Each site is setup to run off of a diffrent database with a diffrent user account.

Since all user accounts are mine, I went ahead and setup each user through phpmyadmin with everything turned on. They are all basicly super users. I did that just to try it. I figured I would change it later if it was working. Anyways, I just can't figure it out. No matter what I try, I can't get the other two to access mysql.

I've tryed allowing mysql to run on the network, and off the network. Nether worked. What do I have to do to get it working? Run all sites off of the same database?

PostPosted: 13. February 2004 08:55
by blueser

let me see if my English is terrible! Its ok! You describe that the other 2 Servers on other user account run, which is the user account for the first one? What is if you change the user for the 2 Sites to the User of the first one? Do the users exist in the Userdatabank of Mysql. On Mysql you must also set the privileges for the Host and not only the user.

I hope I could help you a little,
have fun,

PostPosted: 13. February 2004 12:17
by xclusive
Your english is bad.

All three websites are on the same server. And yes, all users do exist in mysql. All three user accounts in mysql should be able to access any database in mysql.

PostPosted: 16. February 2004 18:41
by blueser
I knew it! Thanks for the Feedback...

I hope the hosts table is also right, for every user, vor every host, but I'm sure it'll be.... Sorry but I have no more Idea!

Greez it!

PostPosted: 03. March 2004 02:34
by xclusive
Nevermind, I used the root account for all. It's not what what I wanted, but it will do.