got a packet bigger (solved)

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got a packet bigger (solved)

Postby benos » 18. November 2010 20:36

if you get "got a packet bigger than max allowed packet bytes"

go to my.cnf under 777 permision

change both max_allowed_packet fields to the same value (in both put the same value - better be 64m).

than save the file.

if it's still don't work, try to rechange it's permission to 644, it worked for me than...
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Re: i don't want to giveup xampp !, but i have a problem :\

Postby JonB » 19. November 2010 03:34

why don't you use the mysql.exe (on Linux mysql) CLI ?? :idea:

(that's the MySQL monitor aka MySQL CLI - Command Line Interface - its a raw SQL interface) ... dump-file/

read down to about the middle of the page

he/she explains about large file direct imports.

and ... hp#restore

Note - you may need to create the database and/or users first, and sometimes 'tip article' authors are a bit off on the parameter syntax. sometimes you need --user instaed of -u and --password instead of -p. The need to create the user is very likely, the need to create the database depends on the options used dumping/exporting (the matter of create/drop inclusions)

Its worth learning, as you will avoid all this timeout crap when you are working on your own servers. phpMyAdmin is a great tool, but that's what it is - a tool -. Its not a replacement for knowledge :shock:

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