VirtualHost/Proxy problems

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VirtualHost/Proxy problems

Postby Tinuva » 13. November 2010 22:29

Hello everyone,

I'm running a Debian (lenny) 64bits server with Apache2 installed. For the first time I use a control panel to maintain some parts of my server, Webmin to be exact.

As a default webmin runs on port 10000. So to enter the webmin panel you'd have to go to: https://your.server.ip:10000/ now I wanted to change this, with the use of a virtual host and the mod_proxy, to so I don't have to fuzz around with entering the port anymore.

In the beginning I couldn't get it to work at all, the subdomain kept redirecting to the standard Apache 'It Works!' message. Later on I somehow magically managed to get it working half. Unfortunately I didn't come further than a 500 Internal Server Error and my error log saying something about 'no protocol to handle the url'. Obviously I googled that error and most results were about not having all mods loaded. I did load every mod I needed for the proxy properly though.

I reverted everything back now, so I can't tell you anymore how my conf was exactly.

But my question is: How can I get my webmin on a subdomain without having to enter a custom port?

Thank you in advance,

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Re: VirtualHost/Proxy problems

Postby JonB » 14. November 2010 14:23

I'll be interested to hear what is offered.

I think browsers let you make bookmarks, right? Make one for Webmin.


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Re: VirtualHost/Proxy problems

Postby Tinuva » 14. November 2010 16:18

Yeah, but I'd prefer to make it server side, especially since I share some projects with people and then I could lead them with their account to instead of :/

Well I hope someone has an idea :P
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