HELP importing site from windows to ubuntu ?!!!!!

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HELP importing site from windows to ubuntu ?!!!!!

Postby sharpy » 08. November 2010 18:34

Hi Everyone,

I am a relative noob to the Linux world but am in the process of building a website for the 1st time and recognize the advantages of running it on a Linux server.
I am still in the Development phase using Joomla 1.5.21 as my CMS. Under windows I was using Xampp because it was easy to install and I knew I had a lot of work ahead of me.

4 or 5 months later I have a site working using several Joomla components; among others, Googlemaps, K2, Kunena, Joom Gallery,CBE, etc... My wife is on my case to start work developing her website as well, so I knew it was time to learn how to migrate my site.

After several days of tinkering and such, toying with the idea of changing linux distro's, reading thread upon thread of Debian vs Ubuntu, i made the switch from Ubuntu 10.04 desktop to server 32bit edition. I dealt with the nvidia graphics issues, I am successfully dual booted with Windows boot manager (I am running Windows xp home & Windows server 2003 on that side... network webhosting project that I will tackle later.)

After enduring that trial by fire I was ready to setup xampp on linux. I am using version 1.7.3a I faught with permissions and error reporting errors for awhile, I couldn't get the config.php file or whatever it is called to rewrite & had a PHP.ini issue with displayin errors, pretty standard stuff, I fixed all this and exported my joomla site database from my sql, imported it and now was ready to import my content items , modules, components, plugins, photos,etc and did so by manually copying the data. The Template manager recognizes the modified css and the logo and images are present, there is something like 155 mb in my joomla site's directory and it is in Htdocs like it is supposed to be.

I have been reading lots about enabling a rewrite module for apache2 but I am getting a little bit frusterated and I am hoping for some suggestions on where to find it, deal with it, and in the end start working on the content side because I am a little out of my element right now. Help.... please.
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Re: HELP importing site from windows to ubuntu ?!!!!!

Postby Bigbread » 09. November 2010 00:20

What's up sharpy. mod_rewrite is enabled by default in 1.7.3a.

You used to have to uncomment this line in /opt/lampp/etc/httpd.conf but it is now (or should be) uncommented by default:

LoadModule rewrite_module modules/
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