XAMPP and 302 redirects

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XAMPP and 302 redirects

Postby Louigi Verona » 25. September 2010 15:23

Hey guys!

I am having this weird issue.
I have designed a web game which has various forms, which the user submits to, say, try to open a door and such. To remove the messages "Do you want to submit data second time" when the user navigates back, I have used a 302 redirect. It worked fine.

However, when I uploaded the site online, I found that this mechanism does not work, since such a redirection header should be called before any html output. So this is understandable.

Question is - how come it still works in XAMPP locally? Why does a 302 redirect header work, even though it should not? Are there any differences in how Apache behaves locally and online?
Louigi Verona
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