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Can't upload with ProFTPD

PostPosted: 03. February 2004 17:24
by Nick Taylor
Sorry to bother you again, but I cannot upload with ProFTPD.
I get this error message in the FTP client:

Command: STOR Bookmarks.htm
Response: 550 Bookmarks.htm: Permission denied
Error: Upload failed

I am using the mysql authentication for ProFTPD, is it why it doesn't work?

Thanks for your help.

Nick Taylor

PostPosted: 03. February 2004 18:59
by Oswald
Hi Nick!

You - or more exactly the user login you're using - has not the permissions to write Bookmarks.htm.

Get a root shell. Go into the directory containing Bookmarks.htm and call the following command:

chmod a+w Bookmarks.htm

Now everyone is allowed to write this file.


PostPosted: 03. February 2004 19:07
by Nick Taylor
Sorry :oops: but i'm afraid i do not understand.
The thing is, I cannot upload anything to to Linux machine (to teh ProFTPD server machine) from any other PC. It applies for any file. See example below:
Response: 550 WS_FTP.LOG: Permission denied
Error: Upload failed

Any idea?


PostPosted: 04. February 2004 15:55
by Nick Taylor
Right, Kai has found the solution, and told me how to sort out the problem.
Basically, if your using MySQL to authenticate ProFTPD users (as described and explained by Stephen Khoo -, you also have to change file/folder owners and groups by using the chown command.
For instance, if you want to give access to /opt/lampp/htdocs, you have to type:
chown ftpuser /opt/lampp/htdocs
ftpuser being the user defined in MySQL (see Stephen Khoo's thread at