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Heartbeat module doesnt work

PostPosted: 02. February 2004 14:43
by Nick Taylor
Help, the Heartbeat module doesnt work...
Any ideas?
It says that the module is not configured, and I have tried to configure it, but it seems that none of the files it's looking for exist on the system...

PostPosted: 02. February 2004 19:06
by Oswald
Dear Nick!

I've never heard about the heartbeat module. With the exceptions of PHP and mod_perl XAMPP only contains the official Apache modules.

Since heartbeat is a 3rd party module you should be able to add it to your XAMPP Apache installation.

Good luck and greetings

PostPosted: 02. February 2004 19:13
by Nick Taylor
Oh, sorry, Heartbeat is a module in Webmin...Nothing to do with Apache...

PostPosted: 03. February 2004 13:38
by Kristian Marcroft

thats right, heartbeat is not included in Webmin....
try going to and download the heartbeat module.
I'm not sure whats needed by the System to provide heartbeat all the info it needs.

I haven't got access to a Linux Box at the moment.

So long

PostPosted: 03. February 2004 15:28
by Nick Taylor
I have downloaded the module from, but it still doesnt work. Do you have an install example?