Application Pool?

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Application Pool?

Postby inc0mplete » 07. August 2010 06:59

Hey everyone, I was wondering what would be the Apache/Linux equivalent to IIS/Microsoft Application pools? I want to isolate applications to different users on my server. I'm trying to use a single url, example and when people sign up, I want to create a new user on my host, and then create a new directory for them on the web server. example output would be:
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Re: Application Pool?

Postby JonB » 08. August 2010 01:54

XAMPP cannot work that way, as it is a suite that is unaware of the user context.

What you are describing is called server provisioning/ webhosting management and there are both Open Source and commercial solutions for that. XAMPP can't help you (nor can IIS really).

BTW, If you want 'write your own' the most likely candidate language is Perl.

Good Luck
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