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Port 80 Troubles

PostPosted: 29. July 2010 05:56
by mazzizo
Hey all,
New here to Apache Friends forums, sorry I don't speak German, just English.

Anyways to the problem. I recently decided to start to learn Linux (Ubuntu more specifically) as I have never used it before and have always heard its fun to use and great for servers. Which is exactly what I'm -trying- to use it for. I have a dedicated game server running just fine, even XAMPP is running fine. I can access my website via http://localhost (internal ip), my external IP, and my DynDNS. All on my internal network. But everyone outside my network cannot access it. I have port 80 forwarded on my router, I've even gone DMZ, my ISP has told me (was also confirmed by the technicians supervisor) that they do not block port 80, and I have no firewalls running on the server its self. I cannot seem to figure this issue out. I was having the same problem while running Windows Server 2008 as well, could not find a resolution. Does anyone have any idea as to what's going on with this? is giving me 'Connection Refused' on this (Windows) box and 'Connection timed out' on my Linux (server) box.

Oh and also in my httpd.conf, I've got "Listen" set to Listen at the moment. I've tried several variations such as externalip:80 and dyndns:80 and just 80 by its self. Same with ServerName. Currently set to externalip:80. Have tried internalip:80, dyndns:80, externalip:80, nothing works.

Any comments or help is greatly appreciated.


Edit: sorry was long day, didnt see the English forums.

Re: Port 80 Troubles

PostPosted: 30. July 2010 21:30
by JonB
If it happened with Server 2008 as well, it seems likely you have a routing problem of some sort.

First, "I" would make a tour through every menu on that router's setup and make sure I understood each setting.

Make sure Respond to External Ping (or something like that) is enabled on your router.

It sounds like you have a Dynamic External IP.
- I'd use a site like to get my current known external IP (this eliminates errors with DynDNS)
- Make this IP your ServerName.
- restart Apache.
- call/email/IM a buddy and give them that numeric IP, and have them give it a go.

I guess I would also find out how/when the Dynamic IP is acquired as well, so you have a good idea of how long to expect to be able to test.

I'm going to ask a 'weird question' -- you aren't by any chance either using a satellite ISP, OR your true ISP is AOL?? If so, you have a special case.

If this doesn't yield anything:
Routers are inexpensive, and sometimes have problems. I'd buy a not-too-over-the-top wired router and see if you have better luck. You can prolly return it if it doesn't fix the problem.

Good Luck