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how to change xampp hosts file to allow external interaccess

PostPosted: 23. July 2010 20:00
by arkiii
I have a Fedora 13 installation and installed xammp for linux 1.7.1 successfully. I can access anything running on Apache either in localhost or by internal ip

I have configured Fedora with a static IP, I have created a one to one NAT on our firewall and opened it up to all ports. I can get out to the internet, I can ping out, but I can't access the site from outside by typing the external IP?

i'm sure it has something to do with either the hosts.conf file or the httpd.conf file but i'm new to linux and xampp and don't know how the two interact and wich files need to be modified so that the server can be seen from outside our firewall.

Any help would be much appreciated...