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PHP support in Xampp

PostPosted: 28. January 2004 02:51
by Stuart Harland
Hi, Ive just installed xampp on our linux server. The Apache Modules appear to be working fine. However, when I load the default page, it hangs on the splash page.

On Closer examination, It appears that the PHP module wasn't loading. Further examination showed that the module was not present in the Modules folder.
This doesn't make sense to me.
Any Suggestions?

Stuart Harland

PostPosted: 28. January 2004 10:38
by Oswald
Dear Stuart!

Could you please check the md5 cechsum of the tar.gz file.

Simply call:

md5sum xampp-linux-1.4.2.tar.gz

You should get b872fb2aab5edd5bafd21bde596c8823 if the archive is okay.

And is /opt/lampp/modules/ really missing? If yes. You should reinstall XAMPP. Something went terribly wrong.

Best regards and good luck

PostPosted: 29. January 2004 04:37
by Stuart Harland
When I ran checksum it came out with c12b3b13efa35311b4e35cdaa7e64f79.

I have redownloaded the file several times, and reinstalled, removed and reinstalled multipul times before consulting here....

PostPosted: 29. January 2004 09:16
by Oswald
Dear Stuart!

The checksum should be exactly the sum I posted above.

I just downloaded XAMPP 1.4.2 (UNC and HEAnet mirrors) and both files had a matching checksup.

Which Source Forge mirror did you use?

Many greetings