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Postby Nick Taylor » 17. September 2004 15:17

Right, sorry guys, I am not working for the same company anymore and I'm not using XAMPP anymore, though I plan the introduce it soon for development purposes. Anyway, enough about me 8), here's one of the solutions here:
Basically, you create a database four tables in Mysql, put your users in the tables and then modify the configuration file for ProFTPD.
I remember I had trouble setting this up as you need to create a user or a group in your Linux OS for FTP (call it ftpgroup). That has to be in the table ftpgroup

Then you edit the config file for ProFTPD, as follows:
ServerName "- Welcome my FTP Server -"
ServerType standalone
DefaultServer on

DefaultRoot ~

ExtendedLog /var/log/proftpd
Port 21
#SocketBindTight On
Umask 022
MaxInstances 30
AllowStoreRestart on
AllowOverwrite on
DenyFilter \*.*/

User nobody
Group nogroup

SQLAuthTypes Crypt
SQLAuthenticate users* groups*
SQLConnectInfo database@host user password
SQLUserInfo ftp_users username passwd uid gid home shell
SQLGroupInfo ftp_groups groupname id username
SQLUserWhereClause "valid = 1"
SQLHomedirOnDemand on
#RequireValidShell off

SQLLog PASS updatelogin
SQLNamedQuery updatelogin UPDATE "count=count+1, lastlogin=NOW() WHERE username = \'%u\'" ftp_users

### Log trafic (STOR, RETR commands)
SQLLog RETR,STOR logtrafic
SQLNamedQuery logtrafic FREEFORM "INSERT INTO ftp_history (username, filename, transfertype, transfersize, transferhost, transfertime, transferdate) VALUES(\'%u\', \'%F\', \'%m\', %b, \'%a\', \'%T\', NOW())"

### Log user error events (ERR_* commands)
SQLLog ERR_* logevents
SQLNamedQuery logevents FREEFORM "INSERT INTO ftp_userevents (username, eventtype, description, eventdate) VALUES (\'%u\', \'%m\', \'%r\', NOW())"

AllowOverwrite on
RootLogin off

# Turn PAM auth off so we have no "rollback" if SQL fails
AuthPAM Off

I'll try to dig out the exact details of how I did this and upload this when I have a spare minute.
Sorry about the delay.
Nick 8)
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Postby Nick Taylor » 29. September 2004 15:33

You can also check this address:
You can skip the installation part. The XAMPP ProFTPD contains already the MySQL support. You also don't need the quota packages since you don't want them.
Take care only of the ProFTPD and MySQL configuration described in the document.
Have fun 8)
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Postby LiNx » 11. February 2005 22:18

That script works amazing! This is by far the most helpful I have read in any forum, anywhere... Deserved to be stickied!

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Postby stoffell » 12. February 2005 23:03

great howto indeed!
you might also find this info usefull :

I'm using to to do FTP admin on some machines..

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