Unable to completely remove Xampp

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Unable to completely remove Xampp

Postby shailens » 11. July 2010 12:10

Big problems guys.

From the main page, i read that to uninstall Xampp, we do: " #rm -rf /opt/lampp " .

This is totally untrue, because there are a lot of settings stored somewhere else on the machine.

For instance, if you retry to reinstall Xampp, it asks you for the same password you gave in your previous installation.

After several hours of searching on Google, I was unable to find a way to completely remove xampp and do a fresh install.

I believe that Xampp should be reviewed, so that the installation is clear and clean.

I also have a list of bugs/lack of Important features:

1) Once security settings are set, I (and Google) am unable to remove the security settings.
2) phpmyadmin still presents the login screen after one chooses to use no password in the settings menu.
3) unable to reconnect to phpmyadmin if wrong username is provided. Only a restart fixes this problem. Of course, this is annoying.

Can anybody provide help with my first problem?
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