httpd "connection refused" with Xampp over mandriva

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httpd "connection refused" with Xampp over mandriva

Postby mickwilson » 19. June 2010 09:15

Having googled this for the past 10 days with no solution I now turn to this group for guidance:

I have installed Mandriva 2010.0 on a new PC, and then the Xampp 1.7.3 stack. I have done dozen (if not hundreds) of Xampp-over-mandriva installation over the past 4 years, using all the default settings, with never a problem.

This time, however, after starting lampp and ps-ing to very that httpd actually starts, attempts to browse to http://localhost or return a 'connection refused' error.

I have ripped out and re-installed Xampp -> same result. I have installed mandriva 2010.0 + Xampp 1.7.3 on two other similar PCs (Dell Vestros) with the same result. I have also installed on my home Pc (a Dell Optiplex) and everything works fine.

How can this be?

PS If I browse to the real IP address of the faulty machines, I get a different error, one referring to Xampps 'new security concept'. Referring to t his forum and other groups I find all sorts of tweaks proposed for httpd-xampp.conf but none work for me. The main problem is I do not understand what the 'new security concept' is for, what it's meant to improve, and the logic behind a decision that denies connection from localhost.

Can anyone illuminate?

Thanks in advance
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