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Problems with Webmin and mysql

PostPosted: 23. January 2004 17:29
by Gollum
I have tried to get rid of the warning:
"Warning: The Perl module DBD::mysql is not installed on your system, so Webmin will not be able to reliably access your MySQL database. Click here to install it now."

several times by following the instructions in the German. (Thank you Google!) I am still getting the error after trying to install the the gz file that was pre-compiled, and trying to compile it myself.

It seems to be dying on the set ENV command:

env PATH=/opt/lampp/bin:$PATH/opt/lampp/bin/perl5 Makefile.PL -- libs="L/opt/lampp/lib/mysql lmysqlclient lcrypt lnsl lm lz" -- cflags="I/opt/lampp/include/mysql"
"env: Makefile.PL: No such file or directory"

has anyone been able to get this to work?

Thanks in advance for any help.
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