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PostPosted: 26. January 2004 15:55
by Repute
I dont get thanks you helping me so good!

I now get:

ERROR 1045: Access denied for user: 'root@localhost' (Using password: NO)
Can't access database. Is MySQL running? Added the MySQL root password to end of command line?

PostPosted: 26. January 2004 15:58
by Oswald
Are you sure you added your password at the end of the command line?

The message (Using password: NO) indicates that you don't added a password.

Does your password contains special characters? Chars like ! or " or #?


PostPosted: 26. January 2004 15:59
by Repute
Yes I use _ (undersquares) :D

PostPosted: 26. January 2004 16:05
by Oswald
Hmm... _ (underscores) are no problem.

Ahhh... stupid me!!!!

You found a bug! ;)

Again... please take your favourite editor and edit /opt/lampp/lampp.

At line 400 you find:


Please add a space and $2 to the end of this line. Like this:

/opt/lampp/share/lampp/backup $2

And now try again. Now it should work perfectly. :)

Repute, thanks for "finding" this bug!!!



PostPosted: 26. January 2004 16:10
by Repute
YESSSSSSSS great we have fixed a bug :D

Thanx for your realtime help!



PostPosted: 27. January 2004 15:16
by Nick Taylor
And now, how do you restore the backup (should you need to)?

PostPosted: 27. January 2004 15:34
by Oswald
Dear Nick!

The backup file is a self-restoring shell script. So you only need to call


to restore the backup.

See also:

Best regards and good look

PostPosted: 27. January 2004 15:42
by Nick Taylor
I am sorry, everything i needed to know was just there under my eyes...sorry, i'm still learning the linux way....

special Characters in passwords

PostPosted: 13. September 2005 08:44
by lulatsch
i have the same problem! I find the correct statement in the line

/opt/lampp/share/lampp/backup $2

in the lampp script, but i have a '!' charakter in my Password. When i try to make a backup with command

/opt/lampp/lampp backup password_with_!

i get following error message:

-bash: !03: event not found

What can i do? How can i change my password for MySQL-root?

Thanks for help!

PostPosted: 13. September 2006 22:34
by AngelSL
try escaping it, but i doubt it will work.

Re: Transfer chmodded folders

PostPosted: 21. January 2009 09:38
by salariua
Thank You Oswald,

Editing the /opt/lampp/share/lampp/backup

d=`echo "show databases" | /opt/lampp/bin/mysql -uroot $passwd 2>/dev/null`
d=`echo "show databases" | /opt/lampp/bin/mysql -uroot $passwd`

did it for me.

I had also to put the escape char \ in the password because my password had the # sign in it at beginning and at end , so I did it like this: ..lampp backup \#secret\#

EDIT: I do recommend you guys to try entering the correct password first and if that doesn't work then go and modify the files listed in the post.