MySQL database Deactivated status

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MySQL database Deactivated status

Postby jasius » 30. April 2010 15:19


for some reason I am getting
MySQL database Deactivated status all the time, absolutely not sure why. Any ideas?


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Re: MySQL database Deactivated status

Postby mickcy » 03. May 2010 19:33

I assume this happened:
You happily installed LAMPP, checked if everything was OK, which it was.

Then you changed your passwords, suddenly, MySQL has a Deactivated status!
Check this file: "/lampp/htdocs/xampp/mysql.php"

You need to change this line:
(or something similar to that line)

Save the file, check the status again.
It should work again.

The same thing happened to me, took me an hour to figure out. :oops:
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Re: MySQL database Deactivated status

Postby strider95 » 12. May 2010 01:27

I am having the same problem, but when i tried your solution, it failed. Any other suggestions?
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