How to give apache access to root DISPLAY?

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How to give apache access to root DISPLAY?

Postby zooeycat213 » 19. April 2010 15:52

Hello all,

Prerequisite info:
1) I am running xampp 1.7.1 on 64-bit ubuntu 9.04 with libs-ia32
2) I have run /opt/lampp/lampp security util and all security checkpoints are met

I have written a gedit snippet which essentially parses a debug backtrace and opens the referenced files sequentially (and at the appropriate line numbers) in gedit via shell_exec.

It works fine from the command line. However, as I am primarily using it to debug Joomla! extensions, I need it to run from a web browser, ideally.

The problem is that when I attempt to do so I get the following error: Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display:0.0. Clearly this is because apache does not have access to the root DISPLAY environment variable.

My question is: how do I give apache access to the display so it gedit can be opened from the browser?

I have tried the following already:

1. I added these lines to my .htaccess and re-started apache:
SetEnv DISPLAY :0.0
SetEnv XAUTHORITY /home/<my_user_name>/.Xauthority

2. I tried modifying my shell_exec call to look like:
shell_exec('xhost + & DISPLAY = :0.0 & gedit test.txt');

Neither solved my problem. So I am turning to the experts. :? Is this even possible? How can I revert the /opt/lampp/lampp security to see if this is interfering somehow?

PS. I suppose I could just generate a bash script and then run it from terminal, but that is not ideal because it involves an extra step, which wastes my time and ruins my workflow...

Kind thanks,

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