Default phpMyAdmin user has 'No Privileges'

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Default phpMyAdmin user has 'No Privileges'

Postby hknohne » 12. April 2010 16:35

This is on a fresh install of XAMPP on a clean install of Mint 8 (helana);

My default PMA user 'pma' is unable to create any databases, or run any queries. I've run the security program via the terminal and set a password for pma, yet I still can not do anything within phpMyAdmin.

How do I solve this?
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Re: Default phpMyAdmin user has 'No Privileges'

Postby getfile » 14. April 2010 02:04

I have the same problem in ubuntu 9.1.
When I run:
Code: Select all
lampp start

Then I change the password of user "root" to "123456".
After that, I can't login to mysql with username "root" password "123456". Just login with username "root" no password and this account is privileged, can't create database.

How to solve this problem?
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